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Nibbles , Munches, Dim Sum & Starter Soups
Great as a side order, even better to order a few and share tapas style 各類小食
春卷 1 Vegetarian Spring Rolls (8)   £4.00
雞卷 1a Shredded Chicken with Vegetables Rolls (5)   £4.00
干貝 2 Crispy Seaweed   £4.00
椒鹽豆腐 3¤V Spicy Chilli & Salt Tofu   £4.00
椒鹽雞翼 4¤ Spicy Fried Chicken Wings   £4.00
椒鹽鮮魷 5¤ Spicy Squid   £4.50
鍋貼 6 Grilled Dumplings (Pork or Vegetables or Chicken)   £4.00
蝦多士 7 Sesame Prawn Toast   £4.00
串燒 大蝦 / 雞 8 Grilled Satay on Skewers (Chicken or King Prawns)   £4.00
排骨(炸,椒鹽,京都,燒) 9 Spare Ribs (Dry, Spicy¤, Capitol or with BBQ Sauce)   £4.00
蝦片 10 Prawn Crackers   £1.90
天婦羅 蝦/菜 11 Tempura Prawns (add 50p)or Vegetables   £4.00
炸雲吞 12 Sweet & Sour Won Tons (prawns)   £4.00
炸大蝦 13 Deep Fried King Prawns in Filo Pastry   £4.50
香酥鴨 18 1/4 Crispy Duck (served with 6 pancakes, Hoi Sin sauce & salad)   £9.00
二人拼盤 19 Original 1-2-2-4-4 Formation*   £10.50
豉椒青口 21 Mussels in Black Bean Sauce   £4.50
吉列大蝦 22 Breaded Prawns   £4.50
燒賣 23 Steamed Pork Dumplings (contains prawns)   £4.50
蝦餃 23a Steamed Prawn Dumplings   £4.50
豉汁鳳爪 24 Chicken Feet in Black Bean Sauce   £4.50
糯米雞 26 Sticky Rice with Mixed Meat Steamed in Lotus leaf   £4.50
叉燒包 28 Char Siu (Barbecued Pork) Bun   £4.50
炸粉果 28a Crispy Fried Prawn Dumpling   £4.50
炸奶王包 28b Fried Custard Bun   £4.50
蒸奶王包 28c Steamed Custard Bun   £4.50
酸辣湯 14¤ Hot & Sour Soup (Meat or Vegetarian)  £3.10
粟米雞湯 15 Chicken & Sweet corn Soup   £3.10
粟米蟹湯 16 Crabmeat & Sweet corn Soup   £3.10
雲吞湯 17 Won Ton Soup   £4.00
磨菇雞湯 20 Chicken & Mushroom Soup   £3.10
東炎海鮮湯 29¤ Tum Yum Seafood Soup   £4.00
*   1x portion of seaweed, 2x chicken satay, 2x spare ribs, 4x spring rolls & 4x sesame prawn toast
New Fusions @ Super Noodles
The now classic fusion menu @ Super Noodles just got bigger with new styles, more flexibility and more combinations! Create your own 3 number with the following - choose your style, pick your favourite ingredients, and then complete your meal with a base. It's your meal, it’s your fusion 自選菜單, 可在各欄自選一式, 創造你喜愛的菜式
Style (Choose One) Ingredients (Choose One) Base (Choose One)
加喱 1¤ Curry Following Ingredients (£6.40 each) 炒麵 1 Fried Noodles
甜酸 2 Sweet & Sour 雞肉 1 Chicken 炒飯 2 Egg Fried Rice
豉椒 3 Black Bean Sauce 牛肉 2 Beef 炒河 3 Ho Fun (Flat Rice Noodles)
蠔油 4 Oyster Sauce 什菜 7 Mixed Vegetables 炒米 4 Vermicelli (Thin Rice Noodles)
四川 5¤ Szechuan Sauce 叉燒 8 Roast Pork 白飯 5 Boiled Rice *
菠蘿 6 PineappleFollowing Ingredients (£7.00 each) 烘麵 6 Crispy Noodles(add 70p)*
沙爹 7 Satay 大虾 3 King Prawns 薯條 7 Chips*
腰果 9 Cashew Nuts (add 50p) 叉鴨 4 Double Roast or Roast Duck 烏東 8 Japanese Rice Noodles
什菜 10 Mixed Vegetables什肉 5 Mixed Meat      
薑蔥 11 Spring Onion & Ginger 三鮮 6 Mixed Seafood      
干炒 12 Stir Fry (dry)(minus 20p)            
黑椒 13¤ Black Pepper (add 70p)      
*   Cannot combine with Stir Fry (dry) style
Super Noodles Specials
These are our staff favourites! All are served with one of our bases…特別介绍 (可配白飯,蛋炒飯,炒麵,炒米,炒河,炒烏東)
楊洲 30 or V Young Chow Style Fried Rice or Noodles1   £6.20
麻婆豆腐 40¤ Mar Po Tofu2   £7.50
泰國綠咖哩 41¤¤ Thai Green Curry (Comes with Chicken, King Prawns and Vegetables)3   £7.50
泰國黃咖哩 42¤¤ Thai Yellow Curry (Comes with Chicken, Beef, Pork and Vegetables)4   £7.50
紅燒魚球 44 Fish Stir Fry 6   £7.70
三燒 45 Triple Roast (Roast Duck & Pork + Pork Crackling on a bed of chinese leaves)   £8.70
叉鴨 45a Double Roast (Roast Duck & Pork on a bed of chinese leaves)   £8.20
燒鴨,叉燒或燒肉 45b Single Roast - Choose either Roast Duck, Roast Pork or Pork Crackling   £8.00
什菇豆腐 47V Mixed Mushroom & ToFu   £6.90
京都豬排 48 Pork Fillets Peking Style   £8.20
黑椒豬排 49¤ Pork Fillets Black Pepper Style   £8.20
招牌 50 Super Noodles House Special 7   £8.00
福建 50a Fu Jian Style 8   £8.00
星洲 51¤ or V Singapore Style (Meat with King Prawns or Vegetarian)   £6.20
羅漢齋 55V Monk’s Vegetables (tofu, baby corn, black fungus and gluten)   £6.40
檸檬雞 57 Lemon Chicken   £6.40
椒鹽雞 58¤ Spicy Chilli Chicken (Battered & no sauce)   £6.40
椒鹽大蝦 59¤ Spicy Chilli Prawns (Battered & no sauce)   £7.00
椒鹽鮮魷 60¤ Spicy Chilli Squid (Battered & no sauce)   £7.00
椒鹽豬排 61¤ Spicy Chilli Pork (Battered & no sauce)   £8.00
咕老肉 62 Sweet & Sour Pork (Hong Kong Style)   £6.40
干牛絲 63¤ Crispy Beef   £7.50
魚香茄子 64¤ Minced pork with Aubergine(a popular dish in Southern Eastern China)   £7.50
玉子豆付 65¤ Minced Pork with Japanese ToFu   £8.00
炆牛腩 66 Braised Beef Brisket(Beef brisket slowly cooked with carrots and spices)   £8.80
梅子鴨 N02 Duck in Plum Sauce (Boneless. Roast Duck in tasty sweet plums sauce)   £7.80
京都大蝦 N03 Peking Style King Prawn (Battered prawns in fruity and tangy sauce)   £7.50
泰式海鮮炒河 N04¤ Seafood Pad Thai *   £7.00
海南雞飯 N05 Hainanese Chicken Rice 9   £7.50
泰國紅咖哩 N06¤¤ Thai Red Curry (Comes with Chicken, King Prawns and Vegetables)10   £7.50
東炎海鮮炒飯 N07¤ Tum Yum Seafood Fried Rice   £7.00
三巴雞肉/牛肉/大蝦/鮮魷 N09¤¤ Sambal Chilli Chicken or Beef or King Prawn or Squid12   £7.50
午餐肉(火腿)炒飯 N10 Luncheon Meat (spam) Fried Rice   £6.80
北风塘大蝦(单点小菜) N11¤ Typhoon Shelter Prawn (with shell, no base meal included)13   £8.80
1. A dry stir fry mixture of chicken, pork, shrimps and vegetables
2. Finely chopped beef and prawn cooked with fresh chillies and tofu to give a smooth and spicy texture
3. Prawns, chicken and mix vegetables cooked in a hot green curry
4. Mixed meat and onions cooked in a hot yellow curry
5. A family recipe,these lamb chops are marinated and cooked with mushrooms and onions in a thick barbecue sauce
6. Chunks of deep fried pangasius cooked with a variety of vegetables in a thick oyster sauce
7. A variety of seafood & roast pork, stir fried with an assortment of vegetables in a thick oyster sauce
8. Small pieces of roast duck,roast pork, Chinese mushroom, prawns, fish balls and vegetables stir fried
9. An all time favourite Malaysian dish of delicately poached chicken with flavourful rice served with fresh ginger. Simple yet tasty! Contains bones.
10. Enduring Thai classic red curry with prawns, chicken and mix vegetables. Fragrant and sumptuous!
11. Egg noodles in a fragrant, spicy prwan flavoursome soup. Penang hawker food signature dish
12. Deeply fragrant, spicy and sweet with the added kick of dried shrimp paste
13. Mouthwatering battered king prwans, deep fried and tossed with capsicum, chilli, salt & pepper
Bowls & Spoons
With little or no oil in the cooking, these meals are both healthy and filling! Served with noodles, ho fun, vermicelli or udon in a tasty soup base – can we really serve them without bowls and spoons? 湯麵,湯河,湯米,湯烏東
招牌 70 House Special   £8.00
什肉 71 Mixed Meat (A combination of chicken, beef, roast pork & vegetables)   £7.00
三鮮 71a Mixed Seafood (A combination ofprawn, squid, mussel, fish ball & vegetables)   £7.00
雲吞 72 Won Ton (Homemade minced pork and prawn dumpling)   £7.50
喇沙 73¤¤ Laksa *   £7.80
燒鴨 74 Roast Duck   £8.00
三燒 75 Triple Roast (Roast Duck, Pork & Pork Crackling)   £8.70
叉鴨 75a Double Roast (Roast Duck & Pork)   £8.20
燒肉 76 Barbecued Pork Crackling   £8.00
叉燒 77 Roast Pork   £8.00
牛肉 78 Beef   £6.70
大蝦 79 King Prawns   £7.00
雞肉 80 Chicken   £6.70
什菜 81V Mixed Vegetables   £6.70
冬陰 82¤ Tum Yum (Thai spicy & sour soup with mixed seafood and vegetable)   £7.50
* Homemade spicy Malaysian coconut soup with prawns, roast pork, fish ball,fried tofu and vegetables
Chef 's Recommendation
Flavoursome Chinese food that are popular among our Chinese clientele. We highly recommend you to try it all when dining at or take away from Super Noodles. All are served with one of our bases…介绍厨师 (可配白飯,蛋炒飯,炒麵,炒米,炒河,炒烏東)
西蘭花炒牛肉/雞肉/叉燒 M01 Broccoli with Beef or Chicken or Pork in Oyster Sauce   £7.50
蠔油白菜炒牛肉/雞肉/叉燒 M02 Pak Choi with Beef or Chicken or Pork in Oyster Sauce   £7.50
粟米雞粒/魚 M03 Chicken or Fish(+20p) in Sweet Corn Sauce   £7.50
滑蛋三鮮/大蝦/牛肉 M04 Egg White Sauce with Mixed Seafood(+30p) or Prawns(+30p) or Beef   £7.50
回鍋肉 M05¤ Double Cooked Sichuan Style Pork   £8.00
白菜腐球 M06 Pak Choi with Tofu   £7.50
豆腐火腩 M07 Tofu with Barbecued Pork   £8.00
干炒黑椒三鮮/牛肉 M08 Black Pepper Stir fry(dry) Mixed Seafood or Beef   £7.00
豉椒排骨 M09 Spare Ribs with Vegetables in Black Bean Sauce   £7.50
干煸四季豆 M10 Stir Fry Dwarf Beans with Minced Pork and Dry Shrimps   £7.50
宮保雞丁/大蝦 M12¤ Kung Po Chicken or Prawns (+30p)with Cashew Nuts in Spicy Chilli Sauce   £7.50
金香雞肉/豬排 M13¤ Malaysian's Style Dry and Spicy Chicken or Pork Fillets*   £7.50
蝦蟹柳扒豆腐 M15 Deep Fry King Prawn & Crab Meat Stick with Tofu   £7.50
干炒辣椒叉燒 M16¤ Stir Fry Roast Pork with Green Pepper and Chilli   £7.50
梅菜扣肉 M17 Double Cooked Pork with Preserved Vegetables   £8.80
水煮雞肉/牛肉 M19¤¤ Poached Chicken or Beef with Beansprouts in Hot Chilli Oil   £9.00
* Contains nuts and dry shrimps
Bits and Bobs
蒜蓉/蠔油白菜 1 Pak Choi & Garlic or Oyster Sauce   £6.00
蒜蓉/蠔油西蘭花 2 Broccoli & Garlic or Oyster Sauce   £6.00
蠔油生菜 3 Lettuce & Oyster Sauce   £5.50
炒豆芽 4 Stir Fried Beansprouts   £4.20
炒杂拌蔬菜 5 Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables   £4.50
炒河 6 Fried Ho Fun   £3.70
炒烏東 7 Fried Udon   £3.50
炒麵/炒米 8 Fried Noodles / Vermicelli   £3.20
蛋炒飯 9 Egg Fried Rice   £3.50
白飯 10 Boiled Rice   £2.80
薯條 11 Bowls of Chips   £2.00
甜酸汁/加喱汁/燒汁/豉汁/沙嗲汁/辣椒油/甜辣椒醬 12 Sweet & Sour Sauce / Curry Sauce / Barbecue sauce / Black Bean Sauce/ Satay Sauce/ Chilli Oil/ Sweet Chilli Sauce   £1.70
可樂/健怡可樂/芬达/七喜 (罐) 1 Coke/ Diet Coke/ Fanta/ 7-UP in Can £1.00
可樂/ 健怡可樂 (瓶) 2 Coke/ Diet Coke in Bottle (1.25L) £2.30
鮮榨果汁(橙/蘋果/紅蘿蔔) 3 Freshly Squeezed Juice (Orange/ Apple/ Carrot) £2.60
鮮榨混合果汁 4 Freshly Squeezed Mixed Juice (Call to ask for flavour) £2.80
菠蘿汁 5 Pineapple Juice £2.10
豆漿 6 Soy Milk £2.10
豆漿仙草果凍 7 Soy Milk Cin Chow Jelly (grass jelly) £2.80
凍檸檬茶 8 Ice Lemon Tea £2.50
凍奶茶/凍奶咖啡 9 Ice Milk Tea or Coffee £2.80
蜂蜜檸檬水 10 Honey Lemon Drink £2.50
椰子水和肉 13 Pure Coconut Juice with Flesh £3.10
荔枝水 14 Lychee Drink £3.50
仙草果凍水 15 Grass Jelly Drink £1.80
啤酒 16 Bottled Beers(Tiger/ Tsing Tao/ Budweiser) £3.00
家酒 17 Bottled House French Red or White Wines £10.00
珍珠奶茶 18 Bubble Tea (Call to enquire about flavours) £3.75

Warning :

Duck dishes may contain bones. Satay sauce contains nuts.

Some ingredients may contain GM product.

Denotes hot and spicy ¤.

Denotes vegetarian V.

All prices include VAT

All main meals price includes either rice, noodles or chips

ALLERGENS: Please always ask us for more information as ingredients changed every time and our menu descriptions don't include all ingredients. All our food is prepared in a kitchen where nuts and other allergens are present & we use shared equipments hence some items are not suitable for those with severe allergies


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